Get rid of acne for glowing, youthful skin

Acne is one of the most common problems faced by people throughout the world and is a cause of concern for many. Acne occurs when cells of dead skin and the oil of the skin becomes trapped in the follicles of hair on the body. This is exactly why acne commonly affects areas of the skin with a lot of oil glands like the back, chest and face.
Acne could also be caused by bacteria. While genetics is a contributing factor that cannot be ignored when it comes to acne, the condition can affect just about anyone. Acne is also an extremely common problem faced by both males and females during puberty due to hormonal changes.
Scarring may occur when acne causes trauma to the skin or when pimples and acne bumps are picked. Acne scars often look different than regular scars and appear as bumps of raised skin.

Who is at risk of acne?

There are a number of factors which can influence your likelihood of being affected by acne. If acne runs in your family, there is a high chance that you, too, will get acne. Acne scars are common in people who do not seek treatment for their pimples, bumps and acne. Another factor that puts people at risk for acne scarring is touching and picking at acne.

Treatment options

Even though scars caused by acne are completely natural, there are several people across the globe that are not particularly fond of these marks that appear on the skin. At Prestige Cosmetic Clinic in Calgary, there are several different treatment options which our visitors and customers can consider to treat their scars that are caused by acne.
The first treatment option available for acne is laser treatment. At Prestige Cosmetic Clinic, we offer safe laser therapy which uses short pulses of lasers to treat the structure of the skin. Opting for laser treatment can help make your skin smooth and shiny.
Intense pulled light (IPL) treatment is another option that our customers can consider. Intense pulled light treatment works in a way that is much similar to laser therapy. This option, too, is completely safe and leaves the skin looking healthy and bright.
We also offer our customers and visitors advanced facials using natural and safe products in addition to laser therapy and intense pulled light treatment to get rid of their acne and the scars caused by it.

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